GCD Presidents opening Letter.

To all GCD members.

Firstly, welcome everyone and thank you to those members who attended the AGM and season launch.

The start to our season has been a little bumpy again due to COVID again, hopefully, it doesn’t have too much of an effect on the season to come.

I would like to welcome all our existing and new members, to what will be a challenging but successful season for Gold Coast Dragons (GCD)

We also welcome new members that would come and give dragon boating a go, you will be looked after well as we would like to see you enjoy your experience with us and hopefully become part of a great team and wonderful club.

I would like to welcome in the new GCD committee for the 2021-2022 Dragon Boat season.

Executive Committee & Head Coach:

President – Graham Hogno

Secretary – Janine Stuart

Treasurer – Bob Shead

Registrar – Allison Elliott

Club Manager – Robyn McMullan

Head Coach – Barry Young


Events COORD – Keli Robinson (Kim Mead – Assistant)

Fundraising COORD – Vacant – (Keli will absorb this role if not filled – we need assistants)

Property & Safety Officer – Vacant

IT and Media COORD – Vacant

Club Merchandise – David Dykstra

Again, welcome and thank you to those who nominated for this seasons committee positions.

We do have a few positions vacant still, so we would love to see some of our members’s come forward and nominate themselves for a position and help support your club and its members. The more assistants we get, the lighter the workload will be for everyone. The jobs are not demanding, and we try not to impact on people’s personal lives. We will be very accommodating in delegating certain tasks to everyone, so it makes the job easier. So, if you have some time to support your committee and club, we would love to have you on board.

I would also like to take this opportunity in reminding everyone that the AGM is an important meeting for club members, as this is your opportunity to see the progress that your club has made over the past season, and your chance to become part of a great club and have your input towards future club operations, goals and objectives for the new season. It is important that we have maximum attendance to this meeting in order to ensure we have the necessary nominations and support required to re-elect a sound and structured committee to ensure your club remains strong and successful, and become familiar in the clubs’ goals and expectations through the presentation of the new season launch. I understand that some members have work and personal commitments that prevent them from attending, but it is important that we have as many members attend as possible. So please keep this in mind for the next season.

We have an extremely busy season ahead of us with corporate days, normal regattas, PanPacs, States, Nationals in Adelaide and with a bit of luck CCWC in Sarasota, Florida. With these events ahead of us, there is a considerable amount of planning, organizing, fundraising, and setting up to be done. I revert back to the importance of having the required members support towards fundraising throughout the season so that the club can provide a subsidy towards fees for States and Nationals. Please get in touch with Robyn (Club Manager) or Keli if you can help.

I do hope everyone is excited with the introduction of the new uniform.

Our intention is to create a new and motivating image for the club as we proudly represent GCD at regattas in the new season. We also wanted to provide a bit more advertising on our uniforms to who we are and what we do, especially when we are in transit to and from events or conducting activities interstate and within the community. I also think they will make us paddle faster 😊

We are hoping we have some luck this year with grant money, we have already been successful in acquiring some small grants that we intend to put towards club advertising on the trailer and some tent flags with the new Logo on them. This is thanks to Bob for continually searching and submitting requests for grants through QLD Sport & Rec. We will be pursuing all that become available to us.

We will also be looking at introducing new documents within the club so that we can establish more efficient and consistent processes and procedures in data and member tracking, planning, organizing of events, and to better facilitate funds towards club expenditure, member subsidies and the improvement of equipment and facilities.

Below are the proposed events we have coming up for the 21/22 season for GCD.

  • Sept/Oct – GCD Corporate and recruiting event
  • Sunday 26 September 2021 – Kawana Regatta
  • Sunday 24th October – Burleigh Regatta Varsity Lakes
  • 12/13 November – PanPacific Masters Games
  • Sunday 21 November 2021 – Kawana Regatta
  • Sunday 23 January 2022 – Kawana Regatta
  • Sunday 6th Feb – Broadwater Regatta – Emerald Lakes
  • Sunday 13th February 2022 – Kawana Regatta
  • 12/13 March – QLD State Titles
  • 5 – 10th April – Nationals
  • CCWC Florida, June/July 2022
  • PanPacific Masters Games - 18/19/20 Nov 22

Depending on PanPacs going ahead for Nov 2021, we are hoping to hold a GCD corporate day around Sep/Oct in order to raise some additional funds for the club, introduce the community into Dragon Boating and hopefully recruit some paddlers along the way.

We will be asking that members start thinking about organising a team from their workplaces, friends, family etc, as we will be looking at having around 12 teams of 18 paddlers with 2 GCD paddlers in the stroke seat leading the way. This should be a lucrative and fun day for all.

More information to come out on this soon.

So, that will do from me for the moment, there will be plenty to come later on.

All I ask is that we be kind to each other, encourage and support each other, and respect your committee and coaches for the new season.

Get behind your club and support our fundraising activities so we can make it a better season for everyone.

We had an exhilarating, harmonious and successful club last season, let's keep it going for this season.

I welcome all members that are returning to the club for the 21/22 season, and if there is any way we can support you in reaching your desired goals, please do not hesitate to come and see us.

We also welcome new paddlers to join the Gold Coast Dragons, so get out there and recruit and invite some new members down.

They can view our website for further details or come down, have a chat, and give it a go.

Remember, the committee, coaches and club captains are here to help you in any way we can to make your journey a pleasant one.

Yours in paddling,

Graham (Hoggy) Hogno

GCD President