To all GCD paddlers, and members past and present - I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for entrusting me to this position of Club President, a task that I take very seriously, as did the previous Presidents and Committees.  My objective is to keep the club moving forward and growing both socially and competitively.

I have two things I wish to ask of each of us:

  1. Everyone commits fully for the next season. We need to commit to growth of the membership; this helps the club both financially and socially.
  2. Each of us set a goal for ourselves for this season – whether it be to get fitter, improve technique, lose some weight, bring home the medals, or have more fun – it could be whatever it might be that is important to you.

So whether you are a social paddler and the backbone of the club, or a competitive paddler I encourage you to set a goal.

We have a very exciting year ahead, and to ‘spice things up’ the coaches have put together a program that is going to get everyone engaged and keep us all honest and keen!  More of that to follow…

It’s important to note that as discussed at previous meetings there will be a chain of command or a process to follow to get things done, so if you have a great idea on a club improvement please let us know.  Likewise, if something is concerning or bothering you please raise it and it will be addressed.

There is much to do and limited time, so the committee will be pulling together key initiatives in the next little while, and together with updates about the constitution and other club matters will present these to you, the members, so that everyone knows what is being worked on.

In closing I would like to thank Don and the outgoing Committee for a job well done over the past year -  in what was for the most part difficult circumstances.

Have fun everyone, and paddle well.

See you on the water!