The Gold Coast Dragons entered the 2018 National Championships without any expectation of winning medals, let alone coming home with five.  Medals were won in five categories:

    • Bronze Prems 200 m mixed 10s
    • Gold Sen B 500 m mixed 10s
    • Silver Sen B 200 m mixed 10s
    • Silver Sen B 200 m open 10s
    • Gold Sen B 1k open 10s.

The Bronze medal winning performance was truly nail biting, 3rd place being achieved in .04 of a second behind 1st place and .02 of a second behind the second place getters.

This really set the scene for the rest of the titles, with medals being won on each subsequent day.

A great achievement for such newly formed teams who had only worked together for less than a season to bring home such a fantastic result.

We'll be back in 2019 with our sights set squarely on France for the World Club Crew Championships in 2020.